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HOAs Always Want More Control (And Money.)

Power-seeking HOA boards of directors along with the CAI, are the propaganda arm of the HOA industry et al and are influenced and maintained by them. The Community Association Institute and HOA industry commands the loyalty of true believers. The HOA Industry et al can back their proclamations with physical force by legally fining, liening, and foreclosing our homes. This is the end of "private property." This is rule by the legal system and HOA industries with their puppet HOA boards of directors. No wonder that the few newer homes or any homes not in HOAs command higher prices and are so much more desirable than those in HOA controlled harassment camps!

FL HOA PUD UPDATE...........October 2008

Just an update on the current condition of our central Florida mandatory HOA PUD (planned unit development,) There are quite a few bank foreclosures here now, some in very questionable condition and maintenance.......Surprise! Surprise!

The "management company" sent "Violation Notices" to some of the remaining, resident "titleholders"....let me quote from our latest: "During our most recent inspection our inspector noticed the following situation." "Please clean the driveway to remove any mold and mildew. Thanks." (The key word here must be "any.")

"Please understand that after this notification, there will be a second notification, and after that point, the community will correct the infraction themselves under the statutory and Declaration prescribed "self-help" method, and at that point, the item will be charged and individually assessed to the unit owner via a special assessment." "If you have corrected this situation before receiving this letter 'Thank You' on behalf of the Board of Directors."

Notwithstanding the fact that this IS FL hurricane season until Nov., maybe beyond, and we are having a lot of much needed rain, which of course, makes for mold and mildew on concrete, etc. The "property manager" and "inspector" must in all circumstances keep up their cashflow from the mandatory HOA cashcows. Hence the threats, so common now, to be almost laughable. "Special assessment" threats and harassment based upon "mold and mildew" in FL hurricane season are truly ludicrous.

Thanks HOA lawyers and HOA management companies and "property managers" of the HOA Industry! We know this is protecting our "property values" so very well!!!! Once the "mold and mildew" is again removed from our driveways we will see our "property values" shoot way up!! Provided, of course, that we do not just give up and "mail the keys" to the mortgage company!!!!!

"Covenant Enforcement"..........

Social Manipulation, Control, Harassment, and Fee Generation by HOAs and the People Who Brought Them To Us. (Copyright 2008 by Koreen Kruger)
When you consider that powerful, influential, S.I.G.s (Special Interest Groups) comprised of the U.L.I. (Urban Land Institute), the N.A.R. (National Association of Realtors), the C.A.I. (Community Association Institute), and the N.A.H.B. (National Association of Home Builders), and others brought the concept of Homeowner Associations into concrete reality, it is not surprising that HOAs are structured to enforce social-psychological methods of persuasion and apply group conformity pressures in artificial cultural constructs.
"Covenant Enforcement" sounds very Biblical and religious in it's implications. In one "letter of violations" a Florida "LCAM" states: "Our job is Covenant Enforcement!" Too bad legitimate laws are not enforced with such conviction. There is already enough social and religious persecution without "Covenant Enforcement" harassment and malicious prosecution.
HOAs are experiments in social control and manipulation of human behavior primarily to generate income and fees for their perpetrators. Their blatant self-interests are forcing the compliance of "homeowners" subjected to collusive and coercive persuasive harassment reinforced by threats of fines, liens, foreclosures, and loss of their "homes."
The HOA boards of "directors and officers" are pawns in this high-powered political legal game. The more stupid, greedy, and controlling the "board members" are the better the HOA industry overseers like it - hence the homeowner financed "classes" that are taught at their "institutes." No doubt the BoDs are thrown a few bones now and then at the expense of the other "homeowners." The more one studies the methods of these "professionals" the more insidious these HOA schemes are revealed to be!
We seriously need to stop this cancer that "runs with the land" before it really gets out of control and there are NO "property rights" left anywhere - only CIDs, CDDs, POAs, and PUDs with HOA BoDs, CAMS, LCAMS, PCAMS, the CAI lawyers and judges, ULI developers, NAHB builders, and NAR Realtors! Will this nightmare ever end?

The HOA Industry Despotic Deathgrip

The HOA Industry has a despotic deathgrip on homeowners in America. A shift of power away from the HOA Industry lawyers and HOA service providers to the oppressed and financially strapped homeowers must begin in earnest now! Many mandatory HOA "members" are now being charged for the foreclosures happening in their HOA communities. These foreclosed properties are not paying any HOA dues and assessments - we, the "homeowners" are paying for them. When the foreclosed properties do not pay HOA assessments, the other "homeowners" or titleholders pay them!

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